Causes of ADHD


Causes of ADHD or attention hyperactive deficit disorder are not able to be put down to any one thing. So many families feel singled out or to blame in dealing with the uncontrollable behavioral outbursts of children and teenagers If your child is misbehaving or finds it difficult to settle down and concentrate or is showing some unpredictable or unmanageable behaviours, you may find it difficult to cope with outside pressure from  schools or friends or family to go for a diagnosis of ADHD.


There are a number of symptoms that young people and adults can show when they are affected by this condition. ADHD may also be referred to as hyperkinetic disorder. Some of the symptoms may include behavioural problems and  the inability to concentrate on the task at hand. It is difficult for people with this condition to sit still or to control their behaviour. As such they are unable to learn and consequently  to their full potential and this can also hold them back in making friends and having relationships.


No-one knows for certain what causes ADHD as there is a lot of linking factors such as perhaps the father showed signs of ADHD as a child or maybe there are certain additives that trigger off these undesirable behaviours no one really knows for certain. When we step outside the box of what we are told about these conditions and honour the fact the children may themselves be showing us a special insight into how the conventional organisations are seing and treating ADHD - we can see a way forwards.


From a medical point of view there is a school of thought that goes along the lines of this problem  being   attributed to areas of the brain that require full attention not being sufficiently developed which results in the person concerned being very easily distracted by other things either going internally in their minds or externally, happening around them.


What is evident however, is that  the brain cycles the timing of brainwaves per second seem to be much higher in children with this condition. Its a little bit like they have their foot on the accelerator of the car when stuck in a traffic jam.


I have had tremendous success with working with young people and supporting the families of those who have ADHD. This is through working with the Holistic Educational Therapy programme or HET which has proved a huge success in the UK with working with these problems.  The results have placed this programme high on the list of successful approaches after many years of being tested and evaluated in the British education system with over an 85% success rate.


The success of this approach is in part due to the fact that it looks at the individual in terms of behaviour and through various consultation and observation methods supports you through emotional upsets and reactions to stresses, then diet, support of what to eat and what not to eat as well as looking at certain types of nutritional supplements that are known to be beneficial in these cases. This is followed on by a stage by stage approach which looks at core issues that may associate certain behaviours to certain incidents or traumas in life and then how to break negative patterns in a safe and client focused way. We then look at natural approaches that gently soothe the senses, which are some times overly reactive to certain situations.


 All of these approaches are not only tried and tested and proven to be effective but are so safe and so simple that the worst thing they can do is not work but we know through experience that it  does work in over 85% of cases. In every case the approach is unique and tailor made to suit the needs of the person concerned as well as to support other members of the family through dealing with some of these problems.


The HET programme is suitable for those who are on medication as well as those who would prefer to avoid the side effects of  conventional medication for ADHD which can have unpleasant side effects.


Advice on where to go from here and what strategies could be helpful as well as put you in touch with a therapist s available from the founder of this programme based in the UK.


Linda Porter ( BA., Cert.Ed.,MIPTI, MFSHG, BFRP,MACTA, Dip.Phy. ASSOCIAT reg.) who is a specialist in behaviours / psychology / Education and  complementary therapies

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Causes of ADHD